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Looking for the best bottled water delivery service at the best price? You've come to the right place!

Get the purest water on the market delivered to your home (or office) for less than 99 cents per day! No water dispenser? No problem! Take your pick of a Room & Cold or Hot & Cold Spill-Proof Water Cooler at no additional cost. Worried about BPA (bisphenol-A)? All DrinkMore Water bottles are BPA-free and all of our bottles have built-in handles and spill-proof tops. Worried about long wait times if you ever have a problem? Relax. DrinkMore Water is locally owned right here in Gaithersburg, Maryland (MD). We have real LIVE customer service reps that can answer your questions, schedule a delivery or help you make a change to your account - we're a phone call or click away!

Before you consider signing up with one of our internationally owned competitors, give us a shot! We guarantee that you'll be blown away by the quality and taste of our water as well as our friendly customer service! See why DrinkMore Water, a two time Inc. 500 Company, has become the largest locally owned bottled water company in the DC, MD, VA area.

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DrinkMore Water Delivery Service Features

FREE - FREE use of a dispenser with multiple bottle residential service plans*

Purity - The purest water on the market at the lowest price

Reliable - consistent every 4 week deliveries

Flexible - Increase or decrease the amount of bottles you receive each month

Friendly - "Live" customer service - re-schedule deliveries within the month by calling or emailing

Value Plan Options

DrinkMore Water offers a wide range of value plans to meet your needs. With plans starting at four 5 gallon bottles and the option to add more, you can choose the right size plan to meet your water needs. You can choose to receive free use of a dispenser or opt for just water if you already have your own dispenser.

Low Monthly Rates

Choosing a DrinkMore Water Pure Value Plan allows you to receive discounted prices on ultra-pure DrinkMore Water and high quality water dispensers. These plans are perfect for households looking for water service at a low cost saving monthly rate. With the DrinkMore Water Pure Value Plan you'll enjoy great water and unbeatable value.

Delivery Schedule

Once you begin a DrinkMore Water Pure Saving Plan you will receive a monthly delivery calendar that will show all of your future delivery dates for the current year. DrinkMore Water will replace up to the maximum amount of bottles selected for the plan you have chosen. You will have the option of changing your delivery for the month provided it is within 30 days of your original delivery date. However, you will be billed for the normal delivery in the originally scheduled month regardless of the rescheduled date. If you decide to reschedule for delivery outside of the 30 day window or to skip a delivery you will still be billed for the standard monthly fee.

Changing Your Value Plan

DrinkMore Water Pure Value Plan customers can change to any of DrinkMore Water's available Pure Value Plans anytime without penalty. For each additional bottle added the price of the plan will increase by $5.00. Plans can be changed by requesting the change to a DrinkMore Water Customer Service Representative.

Why Choose DrinkMore Water?

Purest Bottled Water on the Market

Our custom-engineered 10-stage purification process ensures the highest quality for every drop you drink! Isn't purity why you're buying bottled water in the first place?

Bottles with Handles

Our handled bottles make it easy to load a fresh bottle onto your cooler and keep unsanitary handprints off the bottle neck.

No-Spill Coolers & Crocks

The cap always stays on the bottle—you never spill a drop when loading on a fresh bottle. The spill-free system also keeps out dust and germs!

Locally Owned Company with Reliable Customer Service

With DrinkMore Water, experience live customer service staff everytime you call - no robots, no computers; a reliable and consistent delivery schedule; and a company that gives back to the community!

*as compared to our SIgnature Service plans


Home Delivery

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Office Specials

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